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Private Units

Prices from October 1st, 2021

1 Cat $18.00 per day
2 Cats $28.00 per day
3 Cats $38.00 per day

4 Cats $46.00 per day

5 Cats $54.00 per day

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Communal Units

Prices from April 1st, 2020

1 Cat $14.00 per day
2 Cats $24.00 per day
3 Cats $34.00 per day



Our charge out rates for your cat's boarding is as follows:

You will be charged for the day you drop off your cat regardless of the time, for the day you collect your cat if it is after 11am, and for every day in between.  But if you collect your cat before 11am we will NOT charge for that day.

We do not charge extra for feeding your cat special diets or for medicating your cat.

We offer discounted rates for long term stays and multiple cat families.
Please email for this special pricing.


What vaccinations does my cat need?

To protect your pet, other guests, and our business, your cat MUST be fully vaccinated against cat flu (feline calicivirus and feline herpes virus) and infectious enteritis (feline panleucopaenia virus) NO LESS than 10 days prior to arrival at Cats in Clover. Any vet will be able to vaccinate appropriately if you tell them you will be using a cattery service. You MUST bring along a current vaccination certificate when you drop off your cat.
Your cat must also be treated for fleas and worms two weeks prior to it's stay, if we find any signs of infestation we will treat your cat and the cost will be added to your bill.

These requirments are here to protect all our guests..

What happens if my cat gets sick?

If your cat gets sick whilst staying with us, we will firstly try to contact you or your appointed contact person, then your vet will be contacted for an appointment and any necessary treatment to be given.

Any cat suspected of being under the weather will be put into our isolation unit and monitored.

Any vet charges will be added to your final bill or put onto your vet account.

Why should I bring my cat to a cattery, won't it be safe home alone with food?

The short answer is NO.

Responsible pet owners who wouldn’t dream of leaving a dog home alone while they go away, think it’s perfectly fine to leave their cats to fend for themselves. Many people see cats as self-sufficient creatures that don’t need the same amount of care as dogs, but cats cannot take care of themselves if something should go wrong, nor can they call for help.  They get lonely, too, as they are used to you being around to pet and cuddle them. 

You can rest easy whilst you are away  knowing that we are taking excellent care of them on your behalf.

Can you give medications and injections?

Yes, I can give injections to your diabetic pet, and adminster other medication. If you have a pet that is just recovering from surgery and do not want to leave it home alone, we can arrange daycare for your pet.

I like to have my cat in an indoor heated area. Do you have that?

Yes, we do. We have four extra large rooms in the semi-communal area and three single units in our Rose Cottage area that are fully insulated and have 24 hr access to the outdoor veranda. These rooms are well ventilated in summer, and can be heated on cold nights. Most of our clients prefer the outdoor suites where we supply heated Snugglepads during colder weather but certain clients like to have their cats indoors, and in their night boxes at night. We use these for long term extended stays, large cat families, geriatric cats, or by request. These rooms are not going to be available during the peak Christmas holidays for private family use, but are available most other times of the year, depending upon current bookings. Why not stop by and see?

I am holidaying in the Bay of Islands area, can I visit my cat while it is in the cattery?

Yes, of course! Just come by during the cattery hours or call or email to make an appointment outside these hours.

What if I cannot pick up my cat on the date that I said I was going to?

Not a problem, actually this happens to us all the time. We understand that "Life Happens" and flights get delayed, and plans change. If it gets to be quite a bit later, it is always nice to ring us and let us know, or send an email, so we do not worry.

How should I pay?

We can give you an invoice when you come to pick up your cat. Paying in advance is not normally required. However, for long term boarders we do like to have a deposit prior to your cats stay and then settle the account on collection. Some customers like to pay us every week or month and that is fine, too.

We expect payment in full by cash or EFTPOS at collection. Or you can pay by bank transfer before collection.

Sorry, we do not accept credit cards.

What about Kittens or timid cats, elderly cats or cats that need medication?

Our private suites are very nice for kittens and timid cats. (Kittens also need to be vaccinated.) We have several units that are good for older arthritic cats. I handle them gently and give injections (which may be needed for diabetic animals). If your animal has just had surgery, this is a good place to bring your cat to heal and be nursed afterwards.

What do you feed the cats and how often?

Our guests are fed twice daily, morning and night, we usually feed Purina Complete Chow cat biscuits, or for the more fussy felines, we have a selection of other foods. We also provide Chef or Whiskas meat in the evening, or if Phil has been successful fishing then they may get a special treat of fresh fish. If you wish to provide your own food you are more than welcome. All dishes are changed twice daily, and water is replenished at least once daily.

Do cats fight in the communal cattery?

We will always place your cats in a private unit if space permits, and extra large families (3 or more cats) or cats staying for long, extended stays are placed in the extra large communal units. The communal units are used for busy times of the year. Saying that, because cats are territorial animals and a cattery is neutral territory, cats do not generally fight. We closely monitor all guests staying in our cattery to ensure they are settling in and there are no issues or stress. Any cat that is not adjusting to the communal cage will be moved to a private suite as soon as possible.

What do I need to bring for my cats stay?

All cats must be brought to the cattery in a secure cat carry cage or box. We will store this for you if you wish, make sure you have your box labeled.
Bring your cats blanket and any medication or special diet requirements, sufficient amounts for your cats stay. We will give any medication you provide free of charge, but if we need to provide flea or worm treatments then we will add this cost to your final bill.
It is important we have your contact details and an alternative emergency name and number.

Please don't forget to bring a current vaccination certificate for your cat.


These terms and conditions are in place to protect your cat and our business.

Every effort will be made to ensure your cat's stay is a happy and healthy one. Full care and attention is given to every cat in our care, but we do not accept any liability for illness, disease, accident or loss of any cat.

All cats must be vaccinated against cat flu and feline enteritis, and a current veterinary certificate must be produced on arrival. You must agree that your cat's vacccinations remain up to date and inform Cats in Clover if they are not current.

All cats must have been treated for fleas and worms at least 2 weeks before coming to the cattery. We reserve the right to check and treat your cat for fleas and worms should the need arise. The owner shall be responsible for all costs incurred.

We reserve the right to refer your cat for veterinary attention should this, in our opinion, be necessary. The owner shall be responsible for all costs incurred. We reserve the right to charge you for the full term booked should you decide to collect your cat prior to the arranged date during peak holiday periods.

Your authority must be given to release your cat to another party.

Full payment is expected to be made when collecting your cat. Charges will be by the day, unless checking out prior to 11:00 am. CASH or EFTPOS please.